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On "Good Trouble", "Last Man
Standing" and Her Wedding Dress!
  Molly McCook opens up to Glamoholic about working on two TV shows at the same time, discovering her passion for singing and acting as a child and maintaining a healthy relationship with her fiancé.  


"Good Trouble" premiered earlier this month on "Freeform". What is it like to see a new show starting and to follow up with the viewers' feedback to it? 
It's exciting! I've been dying for the world to finally get a taste of this amazing show. It's so validating to see that fans get it and feel that it's relatable and entertaining.

When you first read the script, what attracted you the most to "Good Trouble"?
I was wildly intrigued by Rebecca on paper and I was dying to make her come to life. Even before I knew the role was mine. I could just tell she had a good story behind all that tough attitude. 

While working on this show, do you take into consideration the expectations that "The Fosters" fans might have? Or do you try to focus on it as a new show? 
I have immense respect for The Fosters fan-base because I know what it's like to dedicate yourself to loving a TV family. I knew that Callie and Mariana are deeply loved and we had a responsibility to continue their story. 

What was it like to work with the cast? And who would you say is the closest to you?
I wish I had more time with those coterie kids! But my family on the "Good Trouble" set is Maia, Ken, and Roger. Our lawyer world was its own. We laughed so hard one night that I cried off all my makeup and had to get touched up. I will love them forever. I mean that. Every person on the show automatically felt like family.

How hard is it to work on two TV shows at the same time?
I only had about a month that overlapped. It was hard to switch focus, for sure. But they are roles I feel are a part of me now, so it was more exciting than anything. 

How different was the experience for you as an actress between this show and "Last Man Standing"? 
Worlds different. At LMS we do 3 days of rehearsing, only 2 days on camera, and then a live show. "Good Trouble" takes more time to get all the shots. More time spent scene by scene and sometimes on different sound stages. You really can't compare the two.

What were the highlights for you so far from season 7 of "Last Man Standing"?
A highlight for me was being able to express Mandy's frustrations and heartbreak about her fails as a fashion designer. I feel that it's important to dig deep into Mandy and know what's underneath all the pink and giggles. Every person has their struggles.



What's coming next for Mandy?
Mandy and Kyle are going to be moving into adulthood soon with some space of their own. They're going to learn about responsibility, which will be fun for the viewers to experience with them.


Both of your parents are actors. How far did that prepare you to become an actress as well?
I am who I am because of my parents. They warned me to be smart and cautious in Hollywood, and taught me that working hard and being kind can go hand in hand.

Did you ever have a different dream than acting while growing up?
I started singing at a very young age and then discovered telling a story through song. That's when my love for acting really fell into place.

What is your first memory about wanting to become an actress? 
Our home movies growing up were scripted movies written and directed by my brother Jake. He had me dramatically throwing myself around with ketchup blood all over my neck when I was 5. I was murdered by 10 of my stuffed animals. I was fully committed!

Take us back to your childhood. Who were the actors you used to get excited to meet face to face? 
Lizzie McGuire was my religion. I met Hilary Duff once and I still haven't gotten over it.

You have a beautiful voice as well! Are you planning to make some new music this year? 
Thank you!! I have been working a little bit on music. One song down. Discussing how I want to get it out there but you'll be hearing it soon!

Your fiancé, John Krause, is an actor/singer too. Was that one of the reasons you connected? 
Absolutely. The initial connection was performing on stage together. It's incredibly powerful to connect through your shared passion.

How difficult is it to have a fiancé who is also in the show business? And what helps you maintain a healthy relationship?
I'd say the most difficult thing is the traveling and being apart. But when you know it's worth it, you would do anything to be with that person. Communication is KEY to any healthy relationship. We connect on a level I've never known and we just get each other. 

If you could choose any designer to make your wedding dress, who would it be?
I mean, who doesn't fantasize about Carrie Bradshaw's Vivienne Westwood wedding dress?! But actually… I already have my wedding dress and I'm not telling!! All I'll say is that it's my favorite thing I've ever worn in my entire life and I dream of it daily.

How would you describe your off-screen fashion style?
I'm not married to one style, but my favorites to play with are a Summer Bohemian look and a Chic, London look in the Fall. 

Do you have any guilty pleasure?
Popcorn. Although, I don't feel guilty and I have no desire to stop.

Are you Glamoholic?
When it's glam time, I am a Glamoholic through and through. 

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