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  “I think experimenting is a part of growth, so I want to be true to myself while also allowing for change. I’m growing up and finding my feet and in that there’s a lot of new emotions and feelings that I want to share creatively.”
Gina Miles opens up to Glamoholic magazine about her new single, Wicked Game, her next chapter in music and expressing herself through fashion.
'Wicked Game' artwork

Your new passionate cover of the Chris Isaak classic “Wicked Game” is available now. What was it like to revisit this song after your brilliant Playoffs performance on The Voice?
I’m a really huge fan of the original, so it was amazing to be able to dig a little deeper creatively with this song since I’ve been able to perform it over the years. Being in the studio is a lot different than being on the stage, so I got to really sit with it and add my own heart into it.

What helps you bring that emotion and passion side to your vocal performance while recording?
I think getting into a headspace that invites the emotions and storyline can really transport me while I’m recording. I want people to be able to feel that when they’re listening for themselves.

The video you released along with the song has a very cinematic feel. What can you tell u about the making of it?
I worked with an amazing team at 1824 and it was directed by Alexa Cha who is so talented and creative! There were a few calls brainstorming back and forth but overall we wanted something timeless and emotional that let the song have its own space. We added these incredible icebergs on the beach that add this atmosphere of almost longing for something that’s out of reach. It was so cool to film and I had so much fun. [Watch Here]

You just performed the song on the 2024 Season Finale of The Voice. What was it like to return to that stage?
It was of course nerve racking since I’ve only previously performed on that stage as a contestant. But it was so nice being back and seeing everyone who works on the show. They’re such a talented, warm bunch and I felt right at home. It was also great to be able to come back and perform the song as my own with a new energy and perspective.

I’m sure fans can expect more new music from you soon. What can you tell us about it?
I’m exploring new sounds and ideas while also just trying to have fun while creating new stuff. I just hope it resonates with people and gives them a place where they feel seen and understood.

How different do you want your next chapter to be as an artist, compared to what you’ve done yet?
I think experimenting is a part of growth, so I want to be true to myself while also allowing for change. I’m growing up and finding my feet and in that there’s a lot of new emotions and feelings that I want to share creatively.

What type of stories would you like to tackle in your upcoming music?
Overall I just want to be candid and honest about things that I’m experiencing and things that are important to me. I have a lot of deeper topics I’d like to explore but I also love a good pop song that can take my mind off the heavier stuff. I think it’s just about finding a balance between the two.

What’s your writing process like? And once you’re done writing a song how do you decide the production direction you want to go for? Because sometimes it’s not that obvious and it can change the whole identity of a song and how people perceive it.
It really just depends on the day and on the song. If I’m writing alone I just kind of throw all my feelings and thoughts at the wall and see what feels right to me. I write down virtually every thought I have or lyrics that I think of and build stories from there. When I’m in the studio working with other amazing writers and producers I like to come in with an idea and collaborate. I think there’s such value in bringing other creatives into your world and expanding it into something even bigger. At the end of the day I think what’s most important is what truly services the song and not shying away from that. Kind of letting it take you where it wants to go.

How does it feel to be able to go through all of these experiences, from making your own music to winning The Voice, at 20?
I am so grateful for the opportunities I’ve had and all the places I’ve been. I feel like I’ve learned so much in a short time and I was just a teenager for most of it. I feel excited for what’s to come now that I'm moving into a different stage of my life.

Can you tell me a fun fact that people don’t know yet about you?
For as much as I love to write and read I’m actually terrible at spelling and have been since I was little. Never really grew out of that.

How did your fashion style change over the years?
I never really experimented with fashion too much growing up, but now I really just like to try new things and let myself almost be a character. I used to dress kind of simple and comfortable and I still do in my free time. But for performances and releases I really enjoy getting dressed up with my hair and makeup done. It’s just another form of expression for me.

Are you Glamoholic?
I would definitely say so.

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