14 Celebrities Who Admitted That They're Glamoholic!
| | By: | August 21, 2015

Fifth Harmony

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As Glamoholic magazine celebrates its Fourth Anniversary this month, we can't help but take a look back at some of the amazing interviews published in the past year, where one question ended every interview: Are You Glamoholic? Here are some of the most memorable answers we got from our guests:

Will Peltz: "Yeah, duh, for sure!" [laughs]

Jesse Metcalfe: "[laughs] You know what, I have a tendency to develop an "ism" and be an "oholic" about basically anything I touch or put my mind to, like I mentioned before, so yeah, I love fashion I love to dress well, I love to be in that scene and to be surrounded by creative people."

Fifth Harmony said that Normani is the most Glamoholic between the five of them, "We had a moment where our make up artist couldn't make it on time the other day and she did all of our make-up!"

Jake Miller: "If being a Glamoholic is wrong, I don't want to be right."

Jasmine V: "[laughs] of course! Isn't every girl?"

Actor Nelsan Ellis said: "I love Glamoholic! All day long and twice on Sunday."

Willow Shields: "For sure!  I love the feeling of wearing something extra special, who couldn't resist?"

Victor Rasuk: "Live and die Glamoholic dammit!"

Maddie Hasson: "I wear red lipstick daily. So yes."

Blake Michael: "I am for sure a dude Glamoholic! I appreciate you guys put into the creative photography! Glamoholic spreads are outstanding for sure!"

Dania Ramirez: "I was born one!" [winks]

Kendrick Sampson: "If you approve, I'll accept!"

Serinda Swan: "I absolutely am...but don't tell that to my inner tomboy [smiles]."

YouTube star Joey Graceffa simply answered with a "Duh!".

The Fourth Anniversary Special issue of Glamoholic is available now. You can order a printed copy of this issue from all over the world on MagCloud.

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