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  By Glamoholic.com | November 10, 2015  
  Cristiano Ronaldo
International football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo unveiled his debut fragrance "Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy", as part of a longstanding ambition to create his own personal scent. The global icon unveiled the accompanying campaign for his exotic new fragrance during an intimate party in Madrid. "Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy" gives the celebrated sportsman the chance to personally connect with fans all over the world, bringing them closer than ever to his luxury lifestyle.
"Creating my own fragrance is something that I have always dreamed of doing. Fragrance is a real passion of mine – I believe you can really tell a lot about a person from the scent they wear - so having the chance to create my own was an amazing opportunity. I believe everyone should have a signature scent and I wanted to create something that's timeless and can be worn every day." said Cristiano.

Ronaldo was very hands-on with the making of the scent. "Fragrance is deeply personal and I knew exactly how I wanted mine to smell – luxurious and exotic. I worked closely with the perfumier to hand select the notes– lavender, apple and cinnamon being the most powerful. I wanted the fragrance to be an expression of my personal style; masculine and distinctive." The fragrance combines spicy cinnamon and masculine woody notes with splashes of lavender and apple which work together help to keep it light and fresh.

On the factors he took into consideration while creating his fragrance, Ronaldo says: "it had to smell great and be something that I personally love to wear! I really wanted to make sure that I created a fragrance which lasted all day – or night. I hate it when you spray fragrance and within a couple of hours the smell has completely disappeared. Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy lasts for 8 hours so has real stamina compared to most other fragrances."

And if you're wondering about the grooming routine of one of the most famous men on the planet, "really enjoy the luxury of having a wet shave and
a hot shower. If I have a big event then I enjoy taking more time to get ready. Once I'm dressed, the last thing that I do is spray fragrance, as that is the finishing touch to my grooming routine.

Cristiano admits that he feels the pressure to look good all the time. "Of course, like any man, I want to look good and feel my best. Smelling great always makes me feel good so that was another reason why I was so excited to create the fragrance."

When it comes to his favorite smell on women, Ronaldo says: "My favourite smell on a woman is a fragrance which works in tune with their natural scent - nothing too strong or overpowering. Natural is sexy. My fragrance is for men but of course I like the smell of it on a woman's skin!"

Cristiano is also known for his sharp style. "I wear casual or sports clothes most of the time so I like it when I get the opportunity to dress up smart. I always feel good in a crisp shirt and a tailored suit."
On the inspiration behind the name of the fragrance, Ronaldo explains: "Legacy is all about creating a lasting impression, something that people remember you for. It is something that I am passionate about. I want to do this in my life and my career, and I want my fragrance to do the same. This fragrance is timeless and memorable so I thought the name was fitting."

The fragrance is housed in a sleek, solid glass bottle which brings a touch of refined luxury, whilst the bottle's clean lines are distinctly masculine. To bring the lasting legacy of the fragrance to life, textured, gold details were added for a stylish yet glamorous aesthetic. The slick and minimalist design is finished off with understated gold engraving of Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy, to make a luxurious and quintessential addition to the modern man's grooming routine.

It was important to Cristiano that the bottle design matched the fragrance inside. "I wanted it to be masculine and classic. A fragrance bottle should look good in your bathroom cabinet and the black and gold design is luxurious."

The fragrance campaign was premiered at the launching party as well, and it takes fans behind closed doors, offering fans a glimpse into Ronaldo's glossy lifestyle and meticulous grooming routine. His passion for first-class products and leaving a lasting impression were crucial factors in the creation of his fragrance which, like the campaign, perfectly captures his distinctive allure.
"I once heard that you should spray fragrance where you want to be kissed!" Ronaldo reveals, which explains the concept of the campaign.

Owing to Ronaldo's desire for excellence and flawless execution, he sought the expertise of Eden Parfums, who are renowned for their work with other high-profile stars including One Direction, to collaborate on the scent and its design elements.

Scent is very powerful , according to Cristiano. "It creates an instant first impression and has the ability to totally transform your mood. I wanted to create something for men which makes you feel instantly sexy and confident and leaves a lasting impression."

"Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy" is available internationally through: cristianoronaldofragrances.com and select retailers globally.

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