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Diogo Morgado

Ahead of Tonight's Finale:

Diogo Morgado Talks

"The Messengers"

By Bashar Zidane

Ahead of tonight's highly-anticipated finale of 'The Messengers' at 9/8c on the CW, Diogo Morgado talks to Glamoholic about his experience on the show, playing The Man, and working with his co-stars:

"You can expect a wild ride.  You can expect some answers, but you can also expect some twists you probably never saw coming.  You may think you know, but... buckle up." said Morgado about the final episodes of "The Messengers".

How would you describe your whole experience on the show? 
Incredible.  From working with my amazing co-stars, our dedicated crew and passionate writers, directors, and producers, to filming in beautiful Albuquerque, to meeting fans at WonderCon and online who love the show... my entire journey for "The Messengers" has been wonderful and one I will always cherish.

What was the most challenging part of playing The Man? 
For me, the biggest challenge in playing The Man was needing to explore and tap into the true dark side of humanity, which was crucial to portraying him, because that is essentially what the character represents.

What was it like to work with the cast? 
I feel so blessed to have worked with this amazing cast.  Such a great group of talented people, and we all got along so well.  They helped me not only as an actor in my scenes, but we really had some laughs and fun times off-camera as well.

What type of roles would you like to play next? 
I'm excited and ready for whatever my next challenge may be.

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