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Fifth Harmony

Fifth Harmony: The Baddest Girls In Music!
Drake Bell on "Ready Steady Go!"
Cher Lloyd: I Let My Guard Down!


As Fifth Harmony cover the Third Anniversary-Special issue of Glamoholic magazine, available now, takes you behind the scenes of the cover shoot with the baddest girls in music. Check out the exclusive video below!

The girls opened up to Glamoholic about their debut album: "The vibe is completely different as you got from the first single BOSS. We're performing five of the songs from the album on tour. Reflection is a really good lyrically clever way of showing girl empowerment and there is a lot of good songs on there with that theme. Besides the songs that we want people to put on that make them feel good about themselves, there are also songs that are a bit more vulnerable and vibey. Songs that show the vocals off a bit more and songs about love. There's something in there for everybody. The five of us really listen to such different genres, it really says something that we all connect with each song on the album.". Pre-order Fifth Harmony's debut album 'Reflection' now on iTunes.

On winning the MTV Video Music Award, Camila shared: "Freaking crazy! I'm not even kidding I swear I just felt like I was on a cloud, and I know it's such a generic statement but I literally felt like I was not on earth! I got off stage and was still in such shock. I still don't feel like I have fully grasped the moment. I still don't feel like it's real".

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