Nick Hissom: "If I Die Young" Video Premiere!
| | By: | September 10, 2013

Nick Hissom

Nick Hissom on His New Single & Music Video


Singer/model Nick Hissom released his first music video, "If I Die Young", directed by Brian Michael Henderson. "I wanted it to be gritty and sexy, so we shot it in the desert and at night and we casted a Playmate (Alyssa Arcé) as the lead girl. It’s primarily a love story between me and Alyssa, but the video is also about friendship, discovery, and coming of age" Nick told Glamoholic about the video in a recent interview.

"We shot the video in late June in the desert of Death Valley, Nevada, (the hottest place in the US) so it was about 130 degrees the entire time! The best part of the video shoot was throwing a party at Mick Schultz’s house in Malibu in order to shoot the crowd scenes" Nick shared. Click here to read the full interview.

"The song is about celebrating life and seizing the moment. It’s about happiness, love, and dancing like you don’t care." says Nick. Click here to download the song.

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