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  She was born with a pursuit for music, found fame on social media, and decided a year ago to go after her initial dream. “I couldn’t have gotten through this strange and lonely time without these songs.” Niki Demar opens up to Glamoholic about her debut EP, living a normal life and working on new music.  





Your debut EP “Nights Alone” is available now. To what extent does this EP represent your artistic identity?
There’s obviously so many layers to me, but I truly feel with the release of this EP, my listeners have gotten to know the deeper, darker, more secretive layers to me and my thoughts. In the two new tracks on the EP, STUCK and City, I explore topics lyrically that I actually haven’t opened up about yet - such as being bitter about life, and feeling helpless in love. These two songs touch on things I haven’t even mentioned  in my YouTube videos. 

The EP includes 6 songs, and they all tell different stories and feel very personal. What was it like to make these songs and tell these stories?
All the songs on the EP were written throughout the same year at different points, meanwhile we were all going through and coming out of a global pandemic. I couldn’t have gotten through this strange and lonely time without these songs. Anytime I would feel tested, sad, lonely, angry, scared, you name it, I would whip out my phone and start typing away in my notes app. 
It didn’t matter where or when this was, if I was in the car mad at my boyfriend, I would write a song right there in the passenger seat next to him to calm down. I would write in bath tub, and have to pullover into parking lots to get my idea out if an idea came to me while driving. I felt like these songs found me. 

What do you think makes many of these songs, specially 25, so relatable?
Although I have a cool and non-conventional career, I do live a very normal life that I know is almost identical to my listeners. I’m not in LA or in a city, I’m living in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, going to the same chain restaurants, dealing with the same mundane and boring day to day life, while driving around as a form of therapy, and questioning my purpose, probably like them. 
I think that living in my small hometown in Pennsylvania was a huge source of my inspiration for this EP. I truly have a love / hate relationship with this place. When I’m home in this town, I feel an overwhelming high around real genuine relationships and friendships who make me excited for the little things, or I feel an ultimate low at times when I feel like a fish out of water in Pennsylvania - when I don’t relate to a single soul. Living the same life as my listeners really gives me that relatable perspective I think.

You’ve filmed most of the EP’s songs as music videos. Are you planning to film the rest of them?
Because I’m a YouTuber as well as a songwriter, it’s natural for me to want to make a music video for everything I write. I’ve always been a very visual person, and when I’m writing, I’m seeing it unfold in my head kind of like a music video. So as soon as I’m done writing, I’m also pitching music video treatments to my entire team, manager and producer [laughs]. 
This time, with the EP, I wanted to slow down and do the opposite of what a YouTuber is expected to do, and that was the decision to not make a music video for the 2 songs right away. I wanted the music to speak for itself and push the EP themselves. Now obviously because I love videos, eventually I would love to make music videos for both or at least one of them, but right now I’m working on new music already. We shall see what happens! 

Are you working on new music already?
Yes! I recently traveled to LA for my first in-person songwriting sessions and it was even better than I imagined. Because I got my start in music during quarantine, all I knew was zoom songwriting sessions. That felt like my normal when normal songwriters had to get used to that change during the pandemic - which is ironic. 
With the pandemic slowly being lifted and being able to travel to write in person, I’m already feeling a different direction and perspective with the music. I’m less in my head and more so living my life, with so much more to write about that I haven’t ever written about. I’m excited. 

What kind of stories and music styles would you like to explore in upcoming songs? 
I would love to write more straight up emotional ballads in contrast to my pop punk 2006 roots. I know I can go farther with my emotional story-telling and relatable lyrics, and I know I want to tap into the music genre that inspired me at 12 years old to make music. 
Was it ever too difficult for you to revisit a specific situation and write about?
I’m actually currently working on this. Old wounds are hard for anyone to go back and revisit, but as an artist, when we go there, it can be painful magic. I don’t think I was ready before this EP, but I think I’m ready now. I’ve already started the tears [laughs]. Last songwriting session in LA, I ended up needing a drink to let loose and let it all out. 

You’re born on May 5, which makes you a fellow Taurus (I’m on May 4 BTW). Do you think that being a Taurus affects your creativity?
I recently read on Instagram from one of those taurus pages I follow [laughs] that Tauruses are known for their love of fashion and music. When I read this, my jaw dropped because those are the 2 things that I’ve loved my entire life and still obviously do! I wonder now how many fashion / music loving Tauruses there are out there! 

Speaking of, tell me more about “Sad Taurus” and the concept behind it!
Sad Taurus is a merch / loungewear brand I designed, that I’ve explained is meant to “feed the sad ones.” 
I’ve always felt things so strongly and intensely, and growing up, I had no idea how to channel that. I was therefore labeled as overly sensitive, dramatic, or someone to not include, which ultimately made things worse, and made me lonely. 
I would go from household trauma, to feeling misunderstood and lonely around people at school, and now as an adult, misunderstood in relationships. I’ve taken these isolating and sad feelings with me for life, it’s my baggage. I am a “sad one,” so I wanted to make something to feed the also “sad ones” helping them feel less alone. I also wanted to create a brand for strangers to see on others in public, read what it says, and feel less alone or crazy. 
We live in a world that shames others for feeling what they feel, while everyone around us flexes their highlight reels on social media, and both together can make an already lonely and sad person feel worse. I wanted to use my love for fashion, comfort, and mental health, and somehow make people feel normal. 
Would you like to branch into fashion / beauty in some other ways?
My mind never stops with all the ideas I have as far as music and fashion go. I’m constantly told to take one step at a time, but I would love to do more with fashion for sure. Especially with my twin sister, Gabi. I feel we can do something really cool with our opposite styles. 
You still make videos for your YouTube channel even after launching your music career. How important is it for you to keep sharing your life with your fans?
I think I’ll keep doing YouTube as long as I can. Regardless of it being my job, it’s still really my hobby. Especially now that my life is getting really interesting, I love to keep them looped in on all things music this way too. I recently documented and filmed my entire first live show in NYC too.

What kind of influence would you like to have on your fans? What would you want them to take from your story?
I would like to show them that you can redirect your life if you aren’t happy, and it’s never too late to go for your dreams. If myself just 3 years ago saw where I was now and the amazing people my music has reached, she wouldn’t believe it. I’m so grateful I was able to utilize quarantine time pause and ask myself what I really wanted in life. I want them to know it’s okay and it’s never too late. We have one life and it’s ours. I also hope that me doing this all from the east coast shows them you don’t have to be in LA or NYC. Social media and connecting with your audience is so powerful. You can do that anywhere if you’re authentic. 
Does being good at many things ever get confusing? How do you decide what to focus on when?
I was born with a pursuit for music, but gained an audience for knowing how to use social media because I also loved social media. I ended up making a great career for myself at a young age, and making the decision to redirect the career a year ago was a really hard one but so worth it! I spent years confused on where to put my focus on.

What was the best Christmas present you’ve ever received? 
The best gift I ever received was my MacBook in 2007. I saw the iMovie app and that’s when it all started [laughs]. 
And the best thing that happened to you in 2021?
My first live show in NYC at the Gramercy Theater for sure. I’ve been looking forward to it since I found out I was playing the venue, but I had no idea how it would really feel. I’m so used to a crowd only there for me and my twin- not just me. Hearing them chant just my name, seeing them dress similar to me, hearing them sing every word to my songs, and comfort me from the crowd when I started crying on stage… I’ve never felt so seen and supported in my life. That experience was one I’ll never forget. My New Year’s goal is performing live across the world in new cities! I now want to meet and sing for everyone. 

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